Sci-Fighters v1.0 APK

Designed by FlukeDuke - the creator of "The Impossible Game" - comes a fast-paced actiongame playable with two players on one device!
The games idea is as simple a addicting: You and 3 opponents are set in an arena which is haunted by a monster. Each player tries to be the last man standing using classical 2d-gameplay mechanics. By using different weapons like flash grenades, a monster potion (turning you into a monster), an ice-rifle or even an automatic laser you are fighting for your life over and over again.

Sci-Fighters presents itself in a comic-like 2d-style using different settings like �Martian Mansion� or �Toxic Forest�. The game draws lovely animated characters and wonderful sceneries and background on the screen, designed by SuperFlashBros-genius Adam Vian.

  • Classical 2d-gameplay with bizarre characters and beautiful animations
  • Local 2-player-mode
  • 7 different weapons
  • Choose between touch-controls or virtual joypad
  • HeyZap integration for achievements and leaderboards
Required Android O/S : 2.0.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 24Mb APK

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