Intense hard-core shooting action!

? Sexy, live-like 3D character
? Exquisite actions of 3D characters that were not able to be seen in mobile games
? Controlling with just one finger

Her name is " Janifer "
Living a plain life, one day, she finds strange pills and takes one.
These pills are called 'pills of god', which reacts with a certain gene.After taking the pill,
her body starts to change rapidly.
Watching herself turning into a green monster with extraordinary strength , jennifer suffers from depression.

After a while she dioceses to use her strength for good intentions but the government finds out about her and starts to chase her.

To remove Jennifer, the government puts her on the wanted list and puts special forces from different countries to chase her.

Janifer's boyfriend "K" wants her power to help her.
He takes the pills but it doesn't work for him.
Trying to help Jennifer, K transfuses his blood into Janifer's vein and hers into his.

Required Android O/S : 2.0.1+

Screenshots :

Download : 35Mb APK

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